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Excel POWER Function

 Excel POWER Function

Generic formula



The Excel POWER Function is used to know the result of a number with an exponential. The POWER function works similarly as the exponential in mathematics. You can easily generate results for as many numbers with as much exponential power through this simple and easy POWER function.

The following example depicts a formula used in (D6, E6) to get the result of a number with power:


Figure 1. Generic Formula of Excel POWER Function

How does it work?

  • The Excel POWER function performs the same functionality as the exponential in mathematics does.
  • The Excel POWER Function multiplies the number as many times equal to its power and generates a perfect result.
  • The Excel POWER function is very simple to use. Write a number and its exponential in two different columns. Use the generic formula in the next column in front of the desired number and exponential you want to find the result for.

Example 1

For example, the POWER formula gives an output for column and row (B5, C5) as following:



This Excel POWER Function used for (B5, C5) containing the number 25 and exponential 5 has generated an accurate result. Write your specific number and power in separate columns and use the POWER function in a separate column to generate the desired results. The given example clarifies the way this function has been utilized to get accurate results.

Figure 2. Excel POWER Function

Example 2



This Excel POWER Function used for (F7, G7) containing the number 15 and exponential 3 has generated an accurate result.

Figure 3. Related Example of Excel POWER Function

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