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Excel MROUND Function

The function of MROUND in Excel is used to return the number that has been rounded up to the given multiple numbers. This function rounds the number either up or down and that depends on the nearest multiple.

The main purpose of this function is to round the numbers to the nearest multiple and the return display is the rounded number.

Figure 1: Excel MROUND Function

The syntax of the function

The syntax of the MROUND function is as follows:

=MROUND (num, multiple)

The argument breakage in this syntax is:

  • Num – the number that needs to be rounded
  • Multiple – the multiple to be used

Usage of the function

  • MROUND always rounds up away from zero
  • The #NUM error is shown when the numbers and multiples are not of the same sign
  • The numbers and multiples must be of the same sign


In the given example figure, the number argument is the cell no B5 and the multiple is the cell C5. Both these arguments will return the display of the nearest possible multiple.

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