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Excel MOD Function

We can use the Excel MOD function if we want to get the remainder of two numbers after division. While this might seem challenging, this step-by-step guide will enable you use the MOD function to get the remainder of any two numbers after division.

Figure 1: Using the MOD function to get remainder after division

Generic syntax of the formula

=MOD (number, divisor)


  • Number – is the number to be divided
  • Divisor – number to divide with

Understanding the MOD function

This function is fundamental when it comes to getting a remainder after division.

This function is known to return a result in the same sign as the divisor.

In the event that the divisor is zero, then the MOD function will return a #DIV/0! Error.


Figure 2: MOD function

Step 1: Enter the data in the excel sheet as shown above. Clearly indicate the number and the divisor.

Step 2: In cell D2, put the MOD function, i.e. =MOD(B2,C2)

Step 3: Press Enter key

Step 4: Copy the formula across the other cells.

Other uses of Excel MOD Function

Can be used to extract time from date

Often used in formulas that deal with “every nth” value

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