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Excel MOD Function

After a number has been divided by a divider and there is a remainder, we shall use the Excel MOD function to return the remainder. This function is an inbuilt function and is categorized as a Math/Trig function.




  • Number – specifies the number that is to be divided.
  • Divisor- is the number to divide with.

How the Excel MOD function works


Figure 1. Example of MOD function

We then need to enter the formula in cell C2 as shown below

Figure 2. Apply =MOD(A2,B2)

Finally, press enters and drag down the formula to cover the other cells of the worksheet.
This will give the remainder of each case. Look at the figure below

Figure 3. The result of MOD function

Things to remember

  • The MOD function will return a #DIV/0! Error in the event the divisor is zero.
  • You will always return the result in the same sign as the sign of divisor.
  • Can be used for extracting time from date.
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