Excel LN Function

Excel LN Function

Figure 1.  Using the Ln Function

Generic Formula



The Excel LN function returns the result as the natural logarithm of the numeric value entered in the cell.

The LN function is an inbuilt function in Microsoft Excel that is categorized as a Math/Trig Function. It can be utilized as a worksheet function (WS) in Microsoft Excel. the LN function can be used as part of the formula in a cell.


The numeric value in the Ln function and must be greater than 0 and The LN function gives a number as result.

In the example below, the Microsoft Excel Ln function is used to get the natural logarithms of numbers


Figure 2. Ln Function Error

Excel Ln Function Errors

If you get an error from the Excel Ln function, this is likely to be one of the following:


#NUM!- This error occurs if the numeric value argument supplied is less than or equal zero.

#VALUE!This error occurs if the supplied number is non-numeric.

Example below:

Figure 3.  Ln Function Error

Usage notes

The natural logarithm function is the equivalent to logarithmic base e of a number. Where e is Euler’s number.

= LN( number) = LOG( number, e)


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