Excel FLOOR Function

Excel floor function involves rounding of a specified number towards zero or to the closest multiple of significance. To run this function in the excel, following two things are required

Number:  Include number you want to round.

Significance: The multiple which you want to round.

The Syntax of Excel Floor Function

To perform excel floor function in excel spreadsheet, the following syntax will be used:



In Excel, numbers can “round” in two ways.

Numbers can be round in the following two ways in excel:

  1. Numbers can be round up or down. Using this rounding type, numbers get bigger when they are rounded up and smaller when they are rounded down.
  2. Numbers can round towards or away from the zero. Positive numbers get smaller, when they are rounded towards zero, whereas, negative numbers get bigger when rounding towards zero.
  3. “Round towards zero” or “round away from zero” is used to describe excel floor function.


The excel floor function rounds the desired number to a multiple of its significance. In this example, numbers are rounded to nearest specified multiple.

Figure 1. Example of Excel Floor Function


  • Floor function is like MROUND function, however, Floor function always rounding down the desired number.
  • The positive number rounding down the value toward zero.
  • The negative number rounding down the value away from the zero.
  • Excel floor function can be useful to set up rates after currency is converted, discounts are offered, and more.
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