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How to Use VLOOKUP with Numbers and Text

If we want to use the VLOOKUP function with both numbers and text, there usually is a mismatch between numbers and text. This article will step through the process of successfully using the VLOOKUP function with number and text.

Figure 1. Final result


Below are the original and revised forms of the formula.

=VLOOKUP(id, planets, 2, 0) // Original

=VLOOKUP(id &””, planets, 2, 0) // Revised

How the function works

Concatenating an empty string to a number converts it to text. This can also be done with a longer formula which utilizes the TEXT function to convert to text.

=VLOOKUP(TEXT(id, “@”), planets, 2, 0)

Even with these formulas, we might still be unsure whether we are dealing with numbers or text. In such an instance, we need to wrap the VLOOKUP formula inside IFERROR. This will yield the formula below:

=IFERROR(VLOOKUP(id, planets, 3, 0), VLOOKUP(id&””, planets, 3, 0))

Example 1: VLOOKUP with numbers and text

Step 1: Prepare the data

Figure 2. Example on how to use VLOOKUP with Numbers and Text

Step 2: Specify where to put the formula then Press Enter.

Figure 3. Example on how to use VLOOKUP with Numbers and Text

Your final result should be as below:

Figure 4. Example on how to use VLOOKUP with Numbers and Text

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