Excel ROWS Function

Want to learn more about how to count rows in a given reference using excel spreadsheet? This post will give you an overview of how to use formula functions to count rows.


The generic syntax for Excel ROWS function is:


  • Array: This is a required argument and can be a cell reference, array or range of cells.


The Excel ROWS Function is a reference function. It takes a defined excel range and it returns the number of rows that are contained within the range.

The Excel ROWS function is used to look up the range and give the number of rows in each defined reference or array. Thus, when this function will receive Excel range then it will return the number of rows that are contained within that defined range.


To count the number of rows in a given reference, you can use the Excel ROWS function. In the example selected cell shown, the formula in C5 is:


A5 showing one cell that’s why the result is only one. ROW function gives you the row number of a specific cell and Excel ROWS function gives you the number of rows in the supplied range.

Figure 1: Example of returns the count of rows

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