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Excel ROW Function

Excel ROW Function

The excel ROW function is used to ascertain the row number of any cell. This is usually necessary for reference purposes. When working with a very large excel sheet where your screen has scrolled so much towards the right, the ROW function comes in very handy. This is due to the fact that it could become hard to keep track of the row values using the left calibrations.


=ROW() or


How to use Excel ROW Function

The ROW function is very straightforward and easy to use. To use the excel ROW function, take the following steps

  •    Go to any cell whose row you want to identify.
  •    Enter the Excel ROW function
  •    Specify if the function is empty, or with a value
  •    Press Enter to view the row number

Once this is done, the row number for that specific cell will be displayed in the cell.

Example 1

Say you need to work on a section of an excel sheet and you need to accurately identify what row you are on, do the following:

  1. In the cell, write the excel ROW function formula: =ROW()

Figure 1. Showing how to enter the excel ROW function in a cell

  1. Press Enter to see the result

Figure 2. Showing that you are presently in row 5

Example 2

Also, if while working on a section of the excel sheet, and you need to reference another row, the ROW([reference]) function can be used:

  1.     Set a reference for the row by clicking on the cell whose position you want to identify

Figure 3. Showing the excel Row function with a reference value

  1.     View Result

Figure 4. Showing the row value of the cell you referenced


The ROW function not only accepts an empty value but also accepts reference values.


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