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Excel COLUMNS Function

What is Excel COLUMNS Function?

Excel Columns function returns the number of columns that are contained in an array or reference. It helps you to easily know the column count without necessarily counting.



Parameters of Excel COLUMNS function

The COLUMNS function has the following parameter:

array (required) – A reference to a range of cells for which you want the number of columns.

How to use the Excel COLUMNS function

The purpose behind using the COLUMNS function in Excel is to return the number of cells in the column of a specified array or reference. Using columns A and B in the example below for better illustration.

  1. Input your necessary data into the cells of each column in the worksheet.

Figure 1. Example of how to use the COLUMNS function.

2. Apply the COLUMNS function. The reference here is B2:C2.

Figure 2. The COLUMNS function formula showing the ‘array’ argument.

3. The COLUMNS function finally calculates the range or the total number of columns present.

Figure 3. The COLUMNS function calculates the total columns present.

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