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Excel CHOOSE Function

Excel CHOOSE Function


=CHOOSE(index_number,value1,[value2], ...)


The Excel CHOOSE function is designed to return a value from a list using a given position or index that match the chronological arrangement of numbers.

Purpose of the Excel CHOOSE Function

Used in getting a corresponding value from a list based on their position

Return Value for the Excel CHOOSE Function

The value matching the exact position.

Logical Arguments used by the Excel CHOOSE Function

index_num -The value to choose which will correspond to value number in the list of index. This is usually a number between 1 to 254.

value1 This is the first value from which Excel CHOOSE function will choose from and this will correspond to the value number in the list of index.

value2 – [optional].  This is the second value from which Excel CHOOSE Function will choose from and this will correspond to the value number in the list of index.


Figure 1: Example showing how Excel CHOOSE Function works

The formula used in C9 is:


The formula: =CHOOSE(B9,”Phone”,”Car”,”Bike”,”House”) will return “House” as the output since “House” is the 4th value listed after the index number. While using the Excel CHOOSE Function, values provided to CHOOSE may include references to cells in a table.

Usage Notes for the Excel CHOOSE Function

  • The Excel CHOOSE function can handle values up to 254. 
  • The index number returns a value based on the position which corresponds to the value in the index list. From the above example, if the index number is 1, “Phone” is returned.
  • Values to be chosen from can also be cell references. For example, a reference to the address D1, or the ranges D1:10 can be used as values to choose from.

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