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The Excel ADDRESS function is used to get the address for a cell. Rows and columns have given numbers in this function.  It is, in fact, the text representation of a cell such as =ADDRESS (2,2) returns $B$2. It returns the cell address in either absolute format or relative format. A cell reference can also be constructed inside the formula using it.

Purpose of the Excel ADDRESS function

From the available row and column, ADDRESS function generates a cell address.

What is the Return Value?

Return value refers to the cell address in the worksheet. The worksheet may be current or given.


  • row_num: Refers to the row number defined for the cell address of a given worksheet.
  • col_num: Refers to the column number defined for the cell address of a given worksheet.
  • a1 – It refers to the reference style. Usually represented as A1 compared to the R1C1. It will be considered A1, if not defined. [Optional]
  • abs_num: It refers to the type of type of address, either relative or absolute and is optional.  If not defined, it will be considered absolute.
  • sheet – Usually set to the current sheet by default, sheet refers to the worksheet’s name. It is also optional.


In this example, we’ll fetch some address using the Excel ADDRESS function from the given row and column number. We have used the following formula in F5


In this formula, C5 and D5 represent Row and Column respectively while E5 is the absolute value.

Figure 1- Example of ADDRESS Function to Return Cell Address

Important Notes

  • We use Excel ADDRESS function to create an address. The address is created using given row and column number. Such as 
    ADDRESS (2, 2) returns $B$2
  • To define Abs_num, there are four keys
    1. Omitted absolute

    2. Relative row; Absolute column
    3. Absolute row; Relative column
    4. Relative
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