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Create email address from name

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There are times when we are required to create email address from name when working with excel spreadsheets. This article provides a quick guide on the process.

Figure 1: Example of how to create email address from name

General syntax of the formula

=LOWER(LEFT(first) & last) “@domain.com”

Understanding the formula

It is actually easy to build an email address using the first and last name. What you will be required to do is to use a formula that concatenates values, with the help of LOWR and LEFT functions.

How the formula works

  • If we want to build an email address from the name “Jenny Lucky” the formula will bring ljenny@excelchat.com.
  • In the formula, the FIRST function is fundamental as it helps us get the first letter of the first name. in our case, this is in column B.
  • The LEFT function will then get the “num_chars” value for the second argument. If the second argument is left blank, the default one will be 1. Note that this argument is optional.
  • By the help of the concatenation operator (&), the letter from the first name is joined to the last name.
  • The result of this is then wrapped by the LOWER function. This function will force all the text in it to lowercase.
  • We then join the result to “@”, then domain to get the email address we are looking for.

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