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Create email address from name

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to create the email address from the name. This post will guide you on how to create an email address from name using a formula approach in Excel. The functions which you will use are LOWER and LEFT.

Create email address from the name


=LOWER((LEFT(first name)&last name)&"@domain")


This formula to create an email address from a name is based on a simple concatenation with the help from the LOWER and the LEFT functions. The LOWER function returns a text in lowercase, while the LEFT function returns a certain number of characters from text from a left.

Example 1



Figure 1: Create email address from a name

In figure 1 above, the formula in F10 is:


For a name like “Leonard Guo”, this formula creates an email address like “lguo@lilon.com”.
The formula gets the first letter of the first name from column C which is joined with the last name in column D using the concatenation operator (&)
The formula is as follows:


The LEFT function usually has “num_chars” for the second argument. The argument is elective and defaults to 1 if removed.

Step 2: We embedded the result  in the LOWER function to force all texts to lowercase

=LOWER (LEFT(C10)&D10)

Step 3: The final result is then jointed to “@” and the domain to get the desired email “lguo@lilon.com”.
Note that the domain is detached for convenience only. You could also create a named range “domain” and rewrite the formula:

=LOWER (LEFT(first name)&last name) & domain

Any alteration to the value in the named range will automatically update the email addresses altogether.

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