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Excel TYPE Function

The Excel TYPE Function returns the type of the value entered.

What is TYPE function in Excel?

The TYPE function returns a numeric code for the value entered in a cell. It represents the Type in 5 categories:

  •         Number into 1
  •         Text into 2
  •         Logical into 4
  •         Error into 16
  •         Array into 64.

How the TYPE function is used in Excel?

The TYPE function is specially designed to get the type of the value in the cell. The function receives the value and returns an integer number to represent it. In the example below, you will see how the function works.

Formula or Syntax

The syntax of the function is:


Parameters or Arguments of TYPE function

The only parameter or argument that you will pass is the:

  •         Value- Required. The value is the reference to a cell whose type you want to know. The data type can be entered as a number, text, logical value, etc.


Let us consider an example.

  1. Take a table of the simplest value and enter an integer, text, formula, and logical value in it.

Figure 1. Make a table of different values as an example

  1. Now, select the corresponding cells in column C and insert the TYPE function. The values are in column B, and the return type will be listed in column C.

Figure 2. Insert the TYPE function

  1. You will have all the TYPE values listed in column C as results.

Figure 3. TYPE Results listed in Excel

Notes on Usage of TYPE function

The important notes on the use of TYPE function that must be considered are:

  •         The value of an empty cell will be 0 and that’s the reason the value 1 is returned for any other integer.
  •         The TYPE function is helpful while using the functions that can accept data of different types.
  •         The TYPE function can’t be used to determine whether a cell contains a formula.
  •         If the value is a cell reference that contains the formula, then TYPE returns the resulting value of the formula.
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