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Excel SHEETS Function

Excel SHEETS Function

Generic Formula

= SHEETS([reference])

Reference is optional. If a reference is omitted, the formula returns the number of the sheets in the workbook.


Below is some of the example of using this formula

Figure 1 – Excel SHEETS Function


The formula in E4 =SHEETS(), the result is 4 as the current workbook has 4 sheets

The formula in E5 =SHEETS(Table1) returns 1 because Table1 is in the current bookwork only

The formula in E7 =SHEETS(Sheets1:Sheets2!A3) return 2 because Sheets1:Sheets2!A3 refer to a range of 2 sheets


  • The SHEETS function can include hidden sheets in the count
  • The SHEET function returns an index of the sheets while the SHEETS function returns the number of sheets.


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