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Excel SHEETS Function

We can use the Excel SHEET function to get the index number of a given sheet in excel. This function reports the sheet number for the cell reference, named range or the excel table. To understand how this function works, read this post to the end.

Figure 1: Using Excel SHEET function to find sheet index

General syntax of the formula

=SHEET ([value])


  • Value- is the value you want to check. It is optional


  • The Excel SHEET function is vital when we want to get the sheet number index.
  • When applied, the function will return the index value of the specified sheet.
  • Note that the index number in this case refers to the numeric sequence of sheets in a given excel workbook, which begins with 1 on the left all the way to N (total sheets).
  • This function also works with the hidden sheets in the workbook.
  • The SHEET function returns the index of the sheet it is entered on when the value argument is ignored.
  • While SHEET function reports the index of the SHEET, its counterpart, the SHEETS function will return the number of sheets in the reference.

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