Excel NA Function

The NA function is a function in Excel grouped under Information function. This function is a worksheet function (WS) which means it can be fixed into a formula in a cell of a worksheet.

What is the Excel NA Function?

The NA function in Excel generates the #N/A error value. #N/A stands for “Not available”. The NA is used to identify empty cells or any problem which may arise in the calculation.

Formula or Syntax


Arguments or Parameters of the NA Function

The Excel NA function syntax has no parameters or arguments.

How to use the NA Function in Excel?

The NA function is used to generate the #N/A. Let’s consider the example for better understanding of how to use the NA function in Excel.

Example 1

  • Let’s use the NA function directly in a cell of a worksheet.

Figure 1. The Excel NA function applied directly in a cell.

  • The result displayed shows that the #N/A error value is generated by the NA function.

Figure 2. The #N/A error value is generated by the Excel NA function.

Example 2

  • Consider a sales table that shows the quantity and the price of different items bought.

Figure 3. A sales table used to illustrate the use of the NA function.

  • Let’s apply the formula which contains the NA function and the IF function, which gives conditions.

Figure 4. The NA function is used within a formula.

  • The #N/A error value is generated by the NA function because there is an empty quantity in the 6th row.

Figure 5. The #N/A error value is generated by the Excel NA function.


  • The function name must be used with the empty parentheses, that is, NA().
  • #N/A error can be entered directly into cells as text.
  • Formulas that refer to a cell containing #N/A error can also return the #N/A error value.
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