Excel ISNUMBER Function

While digging deep in the MS Excel, I have found a wonderful function that can be used in several formulas to bring ease for us. Yes, it is Excel ISNUMBER function. In this article, we will show you the use of excel ISNUMBER function. EXCEL ISNUMBER FUNCTION

Generic Formula



The Excel ISNUMBER function is used to check the cells for a numerical value. It returns True if the cell contains a numerical value while returns False if it does not contain any. The ISNUMBER function is a part of “IS functions”, that is a group of similar functions.

What is the Return Value? Either TRUE or FALSE

Example 1

The formula used in D6 is

=ISNUMBER(C6) – that has returned FALSE as C6 contains no numeric value.

In Figure 1, we have given some test values to the first column and the result is displayed in the second column.

Figure 1 – Example 1 of the use of Excel ISNUMBER function to check for the numeric value

Important notes about the usage of ISNUMBER:

  • A combination of other formulas and functions can be used within the ISNUMBER function to get more detailed results.
  • For dates & times, ISNUMBER will return TRUE.
  • If the number is entered as text like Four instead of 4, it will return FALSE.

Example 2

We have another example for you so you can have a more clear idea about how Excel ISNUMBER function can help you in performing the hectic tasks. In this example, we’ll search for specific values in the cells.

Basic Formula



In the basic formula, we have used SEARCH function along with ISNUMBER function. “Substring” is the specific value we are looking for while the “text” represents the original text. Given below is the visual example of this formula.

Figure 2 – Example 2 of the use of Excel ISNUMBER function to look for a specific value

In figure 2, the cell C5 contains the full text. The cell D5 contains the value or string we are looking for while E5 contains the formula:


Important Note

  • Various formulas can be generated using ISNUMBER function that provides you the different outputs.
  • Not only the text but also the numeric values can be found using this formula.


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