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Excel ISNA Function

Figure 1. of Excel ISNA Function.

The purpose of the Excel ISNA Function is to return a TRUE value whenever a cell in our worksheet has a #N/A error as well as return a FALSE value for any other type of error. This step by step tutorial will walk through how to use the ISNA function to test for error

Generic Formula

=ISNA (value)

We can utilize the ISNA Function along with the IF operation syntax to check for any errors as well as to return a specific data value or message when one is found.

How to use the Excel ISNA Function.

We can achieve this by following three simple steps!

  1. Let’s say we have a set of food items from a store that we are required to test/check for the #N/A error. We must first arrange our available data values within our worksheet. See example illustrated below;

Figure 2. of Items to Check for #N/A Error in Excel.

  1. Our objective is to utilize the Excel ISNA and IF operation syntax to run a check for #N/A Errors. The formula Syntax that we are going to enter into the formula bar for cell E2 of our worksheet is as follows;


Figure 3. of ISNA Function in Excel.

  1. Modify and copy the formula syntax in cell E2 into the other cells down the column E of our worksheet for the desired error results.

Figure 4. of ISNA Function in Excel.


  • The Excel ISNA Function is categorized under a specific set of Functions commonly known as the “IS FUNCTIONS”. They are mostly utilized for testing results of Excel formulas for Error.

Figure 5. of Final Result.

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