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Excel ISERROR Function

Want to learn more about how to test any error type excel generates by using excel spreadsheet? This post will give you an overview of how to use Excel ISERROR function and how to test error types in excel.


The generic syntax for Excel ISERROR function is:



Value is the error value generated by excel formulas that you want to test like, #N/A, #NAME?, #VALUE!,  #DIV/0!, #REF!, #NUM!, or #NULL


The Excel ISERROR function in excel returns TRUE if the value is an error value. This includes error like #NULL, #VALUE!,  #DIV/0!, #REF!, #NUM!, #N/A and#NAME? error values. Otherwise, in excel the ISERROR function will return FALSE.

The ISERROR function is an already built-in function in Excel that is categorized as an informative Function. ISERROR function can be used as a VBA function and a worksheet function (WS) in Excel.

Excel ISERROR function combined with IF function can be used to default a cell value when the error is encountered. This Function allows our formulas to work with evaluating data completely without requiring the user’s intervention.


To find the result of the test for any error, Excel ISERROR function can be used. In the example selected cell shown, the formula in C5 is:


It returns TRUE if the supplied value is an error value or a formula returns an error. It returns FALSE if a value is other than error value.

Figure 1: Example of Test for any error

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