Excel ISBLANK Function

What is the ISBLANK Function?

One function that can help you to determine whether a cell is empty or not is the Excel ISBLANK function. The ISBLANK function would return TRUE, as a result, if the cell is EMPTY. It would return FALSE if the cell is NOT EMPTY, and. The returned value is a logical value i.e. TRUE or FALSE.




  • value – The value to check or the cell to be evaluated.


For example, if we use “=ISBLANK(D2)”, the formula will return TRUE if D2 is empty, and FALSE if D2 contains something; a text, a string, a number, or a formula that returns an empty string ” “.


How to use the ISBLANK Function

In this example, we would be explaining how to evaluate some cells that contain different types of values.

The following steps should be taken;

  1. Open the existing spreadsheet you are working with and create a column where your ISBLANK Results would be placed.

Figure 1. Sample Values  for ISBLANK

  1. Click on one of the cells where you want your ISBLANK result to be displayed (i.e. F5 is clicked in this example for Coconuts).

Figure 2. Click on the 1st Cell where you want your results

  1. Insert the formula to be used in the cell. In this case, =ISBLANK(C5). C5 is the cell to be evaluated (it contains the data).

Figure 3. Insert the ISBLANK Formula

  1. Press Enter on your keyboard. The result should be “FALSE” because the cell C5 is NOT EMPTY. This is because it contains a string – Coconuts.

Figure 4. Press Enter to see result

  1. To evaluate cell C6, Use =ISBLANK(C6), result should be FALSE. There is a string in cell C6.

Figure 5. Evaluate cell C6

  1. To evaluate cell C7, Use =ISBLANK(C7). The result should be TRUE since the cell is empty.

Figure 6. Evaluate cell C7 Result is TRUE

  1. To evaluate cell C8, Use =ISBLANK(C8), result should be FALSE. Cell C8 contains a number.

Figure 7. Evaluate cell C8

  1. To evaluate cell C9, Use =ISBLANK(C9), result should be FALSE. Even though the cell looks empty, the “space” character (“ ”) is considered as a string.

Figure 8. Space character would return FALSE

  1. To evaluate cell C10, Use =ISBLANK(C6), result should be FALSE. Our final results are seen in the image below.

Figure 9. Final ISBLANK results


  • A cell might the “space” character (“ ”), but it would still look empty. This cell is considered NOT EMPTY by the ISBLANK Function. This is because the space character is considered as a string.
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