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Excel ISBLANK Function

When we want to know whether cells in an excel spreadsheet are empty or not, we can use the excel ISBLANK function. This function returns TRUE if the cell is empty, and FALSE if not empty. This post provides a clear guide on how to use the Excel ISBLANK function.

Figure 1: Excel ISBLANK function

Syntax of the formula

=ISBLANK (value)


  • Value- refers to the value we want to check. Can be a cell reference.

Explanation of the Excel ISBLANK function

The ISBLANK function is necessary when we want to easily know those cells that are blank and those that are not in excel. We get the following results from the function;

  • The function will return TRUE if the cell is empty.
  • FALSE if the cell is not empty.

We can look at the ISBLANK as meaning “is empty”, as it will return a TRUE if the cell is actually empty.

Note that anything that can be in a cell, whether an empty string or a formula, the ISBLANK function will return FALSE.


Figure 2: Examining empty and non-empty cells using ISBLANK function

Step 1: Prepare the excel sheet you want to examine.

Step 2: In cell B2, specify the formula, i.e. =ISBLANK (A2). Note that A2 is a cell reference for our value.

Step 3: Press Enter to get the result.

Step 4: Copy down the formula to get result for the other cells.

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