If this AND that




You can create specific content when you use Excel with multiple criteria, and then both IF and AND statements in a single formula can be used. The formula evaluates both conditions and will test them based on the conditions provided. The formula also includes other conditions in the event that the result becomes false according to a given condition.
If color = red AND size = small


In this example, we want to check if the cells that exist in B column have a “red” color, and the cells that exist in C column have a “small” size. The basic purpose is to mark records on cells that are smaller in size and red in color.
=IF(AND(B6 = "red", C6 = "small"),"x","")
If both conditions are TRUE, where red and the small size of each cell, the result is TRUE. If any of these conditions are not true, and the test will be FALSE. After the test is TRUE, the formula needs to perform some other operations after this, and the “x” in the formula will cause the addition of “x” in the D column, where the formula has been applied. If the test becomes FALSE, place (“”) empty string in the formula that will return nothing in the column. This formula can be applied to different cells and has different conditions as follows:
=AND(A1> =100,A1<200)

Figure1. Example of If this AND that


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