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Excel HEX2BIN Function

The Excel HEX2BIN function works similarly with the way the excel Log10 function works. What actually separates this from the Log10 function is that it converts a hexadecimal number to binary. The main purpose of the Excel HEX2BIN number, therefore, is to return to binary any kind of hexadecimal number. No wonder it is called HEX2BIN. We would be trying out how that works in our example presently.



How to use the Excel HEX2BIN function

Please note again, the function returns a number into its binary mode. To use the Excel HEX2BIN function then, you need to understand some parameters guiding the use of the function. Below are the parameters guiding the use of the function.

The number in the syntax is simply the hexadecimal number you want to convert to binary.

While places could be optional, it nevertheless serves as to pad the numbers with as many zeros as possible.  However, once again you should note the places in the formula is entirely optional and does not affect how the syntax works.


Let’s see how the HEX2BIN really works with our example and easy steps.

Step 1

Enter all data correctly as shown in the table below.  

Figure 1. Shows data correctly entered

Step 2

Let’s now apply the formula. Based on our example and the cell whose value we’re returning, the formula to use would be HEX2BIN (B2).

Figure 2. Excel returns the hexadecimal number to binary.

Notes on Excel HEX2BIN function

  • Please be reminded again that places are options in the syntax.
  • Always close your bracket to avoid running into an error.
  • Only binary numbers with 10 digits and below can be converted by the Excel software. The impact of this is the limitation on the range of input.
  • The function returns a #NUM! error if the supplied number is more than ten alphanumeric characters.
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