Excel CONVERT Function

The Excel CONVERT function is a function which is grouped under the Engineering Function. It can be used as a worksheet function (WS) which means it can be inserted as part of a formula into a cell of a worksheet.

What is the Excel CONVERT Function?

The Excel CONVERT function is used to convert a number from one measurement unit type to another. For example, converting from feet to the mile, grams to Pound, Inch to meter, and several other conversions.

The tables below show the various unit types which can be accessed by the CONVERT function.

Formula or Syntax


Arguments or Parameters

Excel CONVERT function uses the following arguments:

  • Number – The numeric value in from_unit to be converted.
  • From_unit – The current unit for the number.
  • To_unit – The unit for the result after conversion.

How to use the CONVERT Function in Excel?

Let us consider the conversion of the length of the 5 longest rivers in the world to other units.

  • The default length provided in the table is in kilometer (km) and we want to convert it to miles (mil).

Figure 1. Example of how to use the Excel CONVERT function.

  • Let us apply the Excel CONVERT function to the data provided. The number represents the cell in which its value unit is to be converted.

Figure 2. The Excel CONVERT function showing the ‘number’ parameter.

  • We provide the from_unit parameter which is immediately after the number of cells.

Figure 3. The Excel CONVERT function showing the ‘from_unit’ parameter.

  • Lastly, the ’to_unit’ parameter is applied to the formula.

Figure 4. The Excel CONVERT function showing the ‘to_unit’ parameter.

  • The Excel CONVERT function does the conversion of the number from kilometer to miles.

Figure 5. The Excel CONVERT function converts all old units into new units.


  • Unit names and prefix are case-sensitive.
  • The CONVERT function returns #N/A error if units are in different groups.
  • The CONVERT function returns #N/A error if units are not correctly typed or do not exist.
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