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Excel BITRSHIFT Function

Excel BITRSHIFT Function changes a number into equivalent binary, shifts right by a specified number of bits, then converts back to a number.

Generic Formula


Number Required. Must be a positive integer or equal to 0

Shift_amount Required. Must be an integer.


Below are some examples of this function.

Figure 1 – Excel BITRSHIFT function


The formula in C2 is =BITRSHIFT(A2,B2) returns 5 because:

  • 90 is presented 1011010 in binary
  • 1011010 is stripped the rightmost 4 digits and results in 101
  • 101 is 5 in decimal

The return C5 is 24 because the shift_amount value is negative, which shifts bits to the left instead.

  • 6 is presented 110 in binary
  • 110 is stripped the leftmost by 2 digits and results in 11000
  • 11000 is 24 in decimal

You can use DEC2BIN to check the binary form of the integer.

Figure 2 – Excel BITRSHIFT function


The supplied Number must be a positive integer and smaller than (2^48)-1.

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