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Series of dates by day

By using MS Excel, you can generate a dynamic series of dates that will change every day. The formula works as such that it adds one day into the first date and in this way a dynamic series of date is generated.

How to Generate Series of Dates by Day in Excel

The date system in MS excel is indicated by the simple serial number. You can add to any date by simply adding a serial number to that table.


The general formula used for this function is as below:


 Figure 1. Series of dates by days

In figure 1, A5 is the hard-coded date that is used as the basis of data while the formula used in A6 is as below:


As in the figure, excel adds 1 day to A5 and then 1 day to A6 to generate the successive date in the datasheet.

As the formula is copied down the columns, excel adds one day to each of previous day and in this way the dynamic series of dates are generated.


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