Working days left in month

Many times, we need to find working days left in a month. This can be found by using the NETWORKDAYS function in Excel. This tutorial will show you how to use the function.


NETWORKDAYS is a function which returns the number of working days between starting and the ending dates. It’s an inbuilt function of Excel.



In order to calculate the leftover workdays of the month, you can use the NETWORKDAYS function which would make your task much easier. The function itself excludes all the weekends and holidays from a custom list.


Figure 1. The example of NETWORKDAYS function

For instance, in the example given above,

The formula in cell C2 is:


In this case, A2 contains the current date or the starting date. B2 contains the ending date and A5:A6 is a range of holidays.

Combination of NETWORKDAYS and EOMONTH functions

To account for the change in last day i.e 31st Jan in case of January and 30th in case of April, you can either provide the final date yourself or use EOMONTH function that itself finds the last day of the month.

Generic formula


So, this was the tutorial on finding working days left in a month. We hope that this was helpful to you and you may not face any problem with this in the future.



When we are working with the custom weekends which are basically considered as the working days, it would be more convenient for us to use the NETWORKDAYS.INTL function. It automatically excludes the weekends and calculates the working dates that have been provided by the user.

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