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Working days left in month

Figure 1. Working Days Left in Month

We are going to demonstrate an effective method of determining the actual number of Working Days Left in a Month.

To do this, we will be using the Excel NETWORKDAYS function.

Generic Formula


This inbuilt Excel Function requires a specified start date, end date, as well as a range of holiday dates.

How to use the Excel NETWORKDAYS function.

To use the NETWORKDAYS function to calculate the actual number of working days left in a month, we are going to follow 3 simple steps;

  1. Gather all the information available to us and arrange them in our worksheet. Make sure to provide a blank cell for Excel to determine the remaining number of working days.

See example illustrated below;

Figure 2. Working Days Left in Month Excel.

Our purpose here is to calculate the total amount of monthly working days left within the specified range of dates (public holidays excluded).

  1. Enter a custom version of the NETWORKDAYS formula into the formula bar for cell B2 of our worksheet to get the desired result.

The modified formula for cell B2 is as follows;


Figure 3. Working Days Left in Month Excel.

Where cell A2 contains our specified current date, and the range of cells, C2:C9 contains specific holiday dates.


both the start and end dates must be included in the NETWORKDAYS calculation, if they are actual working days.

In the example illustrated above, our start date is Jan 15, 2019, provided in cell A2. Our end date is determined with the EOMONTH function using an offset value of 0, which will automatically return the last day of the month of the specified date. Our list of holiday dates is contained within the cell range C2:C9.

Figure 4. Working Days Left in Month.

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