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Next working day

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Figure 1. Next Working Day in Excel.

If we are required to determine the next day if work or business, based on a specific date, we can achieve this by utilizing the Excel WORKDAY Function.

Generic Formula


  • date is the specific date from which we want to start counting.
  • holidays is a range of holiday dates occurring in our search.

Taking into account weekends and holidays, the Excel WORKDAY Formula will automatically add days to our specified date.

How to use the Excel WORKDAY Function.

We are going demonstrate how to use the WORKDAY Function in 3 simple steps.

  1. Enter all the dates available for counting as well as specified holiday dates, within columns of our worksheet.

Figure 2. Next Working Day in Excel.

  1. In our worksheet example, we are going to enter the following WORKDAY formula into cell B2;


Figure 3. Next Working Day in Excel.

Our specified date from which the count begins is in A2, and our range of holiday dates is C2:C7.

  1. Modify the WORKDAY Formula in B2, and copy down into the other cells in the NEXT WORKDAY column.

Figure 4. Next Working Day in Excel.


The Excel WORKDAY Function only recognizes the actual holiday dates, rather than the holiday names.

Figure 5. Final Result.

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