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Next business day 6 months in future

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Figure 1. Next Business Day 6 Months In Future Excel..

Let us assume that we have to determine a specific date, 6 Months In advance, which must also occur on a working day, we have to use a combination of the Excel WORKDAY and EDATE Functions.

Formula Syntax


The Excel WORKDAY and EDATE Functions do not recognize weekends.

How to use the WORKDAY and EDATE Functions in Excel.

  1. Arrange the dates to be referred to in a labeled column of our worksheet.

Be sure to provide another column containing holiday dates.

See example illustrated below;

Figure 2. Next Business Day 6 Months In Future Excel.

  1. The formula in cell B2 of our worksheet example is as follows;


Figure 3. Next Business Day 6 Months In Future Excel.

Operating from within, the EDATE Function, first determines a date 6 months in advance,

It then subtracts 1 to generate a result which goes to the WORKDAY function.

Taking into account holidays and weekends, the WORKDAY function then determines the actual next business day, occurring 1 day in advance.

  1. Enter a modified version of our formula in cell B2 into cell B3;

Figure 4. Next Business Day 6 Months In Future Excel.


Neither of the Excel WORKDAY and EDATE Functions take weekends into account during their calculations.

Figure 5. Final Result.

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