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Last updated date stamp

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When we add a date stamp in the worksheet as the date value and want to indicate that as the last updated date stamp in one cell. We can achieve by combining the text value “Last Updated” and date stamp as date format by using the TEXT function and Ampersand (&), the concatenating operator, in one cell.

Figure 1. Getting Last Updated Date Stamp

Formula Syntax

The syntax for the formula to get last updated date stamp is;




  • Text_value – It is a cell reference or text string as “Last Updated: “.
  • Date – It is a cell reference of date value to return as per the custom date format.
  • Format_text – It is the custom date format in which the date value to be returned as text.
  • & – It is concatenating operator (Ampersand) to combine date and Text values in one cell.




Figure 2. The Formula Syntax to Get Last Updated Date Stamp


Suppose we have updated date values in column B want to indicate in column C as last updated date stamp along with date value in custom date formate as “mmmm d, yyyy”. We need to use the following formula in cell C2 and drag the fill handle down to other cells in column C, such as;

="Last Updated: "&TEXT(B2,"mmmm d, yyyy")

Figure 3. The Final Preview of the Formula

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