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Convert date to text

Figure 1. Convert Date to Text.

If we want to convert a calendar date in its number format, to text format, we are going to utilize the Excel TEXT Function.

Generic Formula


  • date is the number value we want to convert.
  • format is the pattern in which we want the resulting text string to appear.

Time and dates are originally stored as serial numbers in Excel before they are transformed into values that can be read by us.

How to use the Excel TEXT Function.

We will now demonstrate how we can use the Excel TEXT Function to convert a date in number format into text. .

Figure 2. Convert Date to Text in Excel.

In the example illustrated above, our purpose is to convert the date in cell A2 to a text string format.

We entered the formula for the TEXT Function into cell B2.

The Excel TEXT Function returned the text string date format in cell B2.

The TEXT Function can be used for converting numeric values or dates in a fixed format.

Figure 3. Final Result.

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