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Get next day of week

Get the next day of the week

The WEEKDAY function in Excel automatically returns the next day of the week from a stipulated date as specified in the function.

What Is WEEKDAY Function?

The WEEKDAY function calculates the next day of the week by counting the date forward by 7 days, then steps back to the correct date by subtracting the result based on the specific day signified.

How Is WEEKDAY Function Used In Excel?

The WEEKDAY is entered in Excel along with range and day of the week to be calculated.

Formula or Syntax


Parameters or arguments of WEEKDAY Function

The WEEKDAY function uses the following arguments:

Date: The date Excel is expected to start counting from. It is entered in a cell, so the cell range is entered instead.

Day Of the Week (dow): This signifies the day of the week Excel is expected to count to. Each day of the week is referred with a number assuming Sunday as the first day of the week. Sunday(1), Monday(2), Tuesday(3), Wednesday(4), Thursday(5), Friday(6), Saturday(7).

Example 1

Let us use the WEEKDAY function to calculate the next Wednesday and Friday respectively in the given dates below.

  1. Enter the starting date into Excel worksheet

Figure 1. Showing desired date Excel is expected to start counting from

  1. Use the WEEKDAY function to get the next day of the week

Figure 2. Showing the next Wednesday (4 in the formula represents Wednesday)

Figure 3. Showing the next Friday date (6 in the formula represents Friday)

Note on the usage of WEEKDAY function

  • Extend cell size for full display of date to avoid results like ‘###########’
  • The numeral for the day of the week should be correctly entered (e.g 1 for Monday)

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