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Get month from date




While using Excel, if there comes a need to originate a month from a date there is a specific function on Excel that helps to perform this task. For this purpose, one can make use of the MONTH function in Excel. However, there is a rule for applying this function which is that Excel recognizes the provided date as a valid one when it is written in a specific form acceptable by Excel.


There is only one argument that is accepted by MONTH function which is the date that needs to be written for extracting the month from it. Here is one example of how this formula has to be written:


The cell B5 has a value that demonstrates the date July 1, 2018. In order to extract the month from this date, in the cell D5, the formula will be replaced by number 7 that actually represents the month July from the date written in the cell B5. This way of extracting the month from a date will show the month number from the date as provided by the example, however, to get the month name rather than a month number from a date, follow this way.


In this way, you can find a name of the month from the date provided as a number in the above formula. Generally, month in date is written in number form but using them as a name of the month has good results especially when it comes to doing regional date setting. To make this formula effective, it is always advisable to direct to the cell address which is correct and relevant and most importantly that contains a valid date. If the addressed cell does not contain the correct date or valid date, it may disturb the outcome of the work.

Figure 1. Example of getting a month from a date

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