Get last weekday in month

How to Get last weekday in a month?

In order to get the last weekday in month i.e. last Thursday, last Friday etc, we could use EOMONTH and WEEKDAY functions.

What is EOMONTH()?

EOMONTH() is a function that returns a serial date after calculating the last day of the month.

What is WEEKDAY()?

WEEKDAY() returns a number i.e. 1 to 7 representing a weekday. Sunday is represented as 1 and Saturday is represented as 7.



Let us go through an example to understand this formula.

How to use the Formula to Get Last Weekday in Month?

Figure 1. Example 1 of formula to get last week in a month

In this example, we created a small table containing dates. We want to know on what date a particular weekday will occur for the last time in a month. The weekday column represents a weekday’s number. 1 being Sunday and so on.

  1. Select any column, where you want to display the last date of a particular weekday. In this case, we selected F5.
  2. Go in the function box and type
  3. EOMONTH(C5,0) will give the last date of a month. Adding one would give the start of next month. In this case, it would be June 1st.
  4. =WEEKDAY(EOMONTH(C5,0)+1-D5) calculates the number of days required to roll back to requested weekday in previous month.
  5. =EOMONTH(C5,0)+1 returns first of next month. Requested weekday D5 i.e. 7 in our example is subtracted, which is then fed to WEEKDAY().
  6. The result yielded by WEEKDAY() is then subtracted from the first part of the formula i.e. EOMONTH(C5,0)+1.
  7. Using this formula you can get last weekday in month.
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