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Get last day of month

Get last day of the month from a specified date

Many times, we need to get the last date of a month, from a specified date. This is not always so convenient- counting one after the other, and there are chances for error- which makes it even worse. Now, getting the last day of a month from a specified date, could be less tasking and substantially easy using the EOMONTH function.


The syntax for the Excel EOMONTH function is:

=EOMONTH(start_date, months)

It has the following argument.

  • start_date (required) – The starting date to use in the calculation.
  • months (required) – The number of months to add to the start_date. It can be a positive or negative value.


In the EOMONTH formula, as shown above, the second character set in bracket signifies the last day of a month in prospect, or another in the past.

Here are some explanatory instances:

  • When a zero is inserted for months (as shown in the formula), the EOMONTH calculator would show the last day of the current month.
  • To get last day of the next month, insert numeral 1 on the month character spot, to look like this:

= EOMONTH (date, 1)

  • To get the last day of the previous month before the current, let formula look like this:

= EOMONTH (date, -1)


The EOMONTH calculator shows its results in numeric codes, see more details of how to get

last day of the month in the image below:

Figure 1. EOMONTH Description in Excel


Alternatively, however, users may formulate a formula to look like the one below, with inputs showing the date, year and month that is desired. Every other format meanings remain the same:

=DATE(YEAR(date),MONTH(date) +1 ,0)

Note that with this alternative method to EOMONTH use, imputing a zero for the DATE brings out an output showing the day to the last of the previous month to the current. Subsequently, when the user adds a numeral 1 to the month and leaves a zero for the ‘day’ character, the entire DATE would consequently show the last day of the current month.

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