Get day from date

Most of the times there is a need to get the day from a given date and there are several options of doing this based on your requirements. There is a built-in function in Excel called the DAY function which is used to get a day from the date. This function returns the numbers 1-31 (date) when supplied with a date.




date–  Includes numbers from 1 to 31 (valid date) in a serial number format.

How does the formula work?

  1. The DAY function has the date parameter which should be a valid date between 1 to 31 and these values are returned as the function of the date.
  2. For example, if the date says 2/12/2006 (Note that the date must be in a format that the Excel spreadsheet recognizes). Here in the example, the day is ‘12’. The DAY function takes just one parameter which is the date for which the day value needs to be extracted. Therefore, this function returns number 12 which is the day component of the date specified.

Note on usage

  1. You can also enter the date as a text using doubles quotes, for example, =DAY(“2/12/2017”). But this can sometimes produce unpredictable results because different computers use different regional date settings. So, it is always better to supply the (cell number) address of the cell containing the date (valid).
  2. One can use the DAY function into other functions such as the DATE function to input a day value.


Let us see different examples to get a day from the date as shown in the results given below.

Figure 1. Using the DAY function to get the day from the date.

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