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Get age from birthday

Get age from birthday in Excel

When handling personnel records and dealing with a date of birth, it sometimes becomes necessary to calculate a person’s age or their years of service or enrollment. Here is an easy way to get age from birthday in Excel.




This formula involves three different functions:

  • TODAY: This returns the current date based on your system’s clock
  • YEARFRAC: Calculates the differences between two dates in terms of years in a fraction. It calculates the number of days between two dates and divides them by the number of days in a year to return a fraction. The function requires two arguments;
    • start: We will use the date of birth as our starting point
    • end: We’ll use the TODAY function to get a person’s age as of today
  • INT: Since YEARFRAC returns a decimal, we will use the INT function to convert it into a whole number (integer), which will also round down the value to give us a correct age value

Example: Get age from birthday

Let’s say we have some employee records as follows;

Figure 1. Sample employee data

To calculate age, we will use the following formula:


We’ll apply this formula to all the rows and get the following result:

Figure 2. How to get age from birthday


Let’s go a little further and calculate the number of years each employee has completed in the company.

Figure 3. Calculating years completed

Getting age on a specific date

We used the TODAY function to calculate the current age. But you can also calculate age on a specific date. Simply substitute the TODAY function with a date of your own using the DATE function.


Bonus tip: using IF

You can use the IF function in Excel to further improve your skills. Let’s suppose you want Excel to identify which employees have served more than 5 years, and are now senior employees. We will use the following formula to achieve this:


Figure 4. Using the IF function

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