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Excel TIME Function

Excel TIME function

This inbuilt function allows us to create a ‘time’ with individual components containing the hour, minute and second values. This function becomes useful whenever it comes to an assembling a proper or valid time inside another formula.



Argument or Parameter

hour– This represents the hour for the time you would like to create.

min– This represents the minute for the time you would like to create.

sec– This represents the second for the time you would like to create.

Note on the usage of the function

  1. TIME function also creates a date in a serial number format from the hour, min and sec components that you specify
  2. Always use valid component values to get a valid time, and once you have a valid time, you can format it in your own way.

Note on TIME formula examples

The Excel TIME function can be combined with other functions to perform unique operations. These operations include.

  1. Add decimal hours or decimal minutes to time by using TIME function (or) by adding hours or minutes divided by 24 times.
  2. To sum the total amount of time over 30 minutes by using SUMPRODUCT along with TIME function
  3. Count the time in a given range by using the COUNTIFS function along with TIME function.


Let us understand the TIME function from the following example. The example shows different values of hour, minute and second parameters of the TIME function.

Figure 1. Excel TIME function with negative second value

Figure 2. Excel TIME function with the minute value greater than 60

Figure 3. Excel TIME function representing a simple hour, minute, second values.

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