Excel MINUTE Function

Excel MINUTE function

If you’re trying to use Excel to get the minutes in a time arrangement, the MINUTE function is what you should use in retrieving it. The Excel MINUTE function returns these minute components as numbers between 0 and 59. As it is, the MINUTE function can be used as a worksheet function or a VBA function.


= MINUTE (serial_number)


serial_number – this refers to the time component from which the minutes will be extracted. It can be supplied as a text string, a decimal value, or resulting from the application of another formula.


In Excel, time can be provided as text or decimal numbers. However, the software keeps times and dates as serial numbers.


Let us consider the following example in the Excel image below. The idea is to retrieve the minute component in 03:45.

Figure 1. Excel spreadsheet showing the time component.

Step 1

Enter the formula for retrieving the minute.

= MINUTE (A15).

The formula returns the 45 as the minute component of the supplied time.

Figure 2. The MINUTE function returns the minute component in the time.

Step 2

Now, apart from the normal time component like in the first step, you can also retrieve the minute from a date merged with the time.

Still applying the same formula, we have, =MINUTE(A16), which returns 23.

Figure 3. The MINUTE function neglects the date component.


  •        The MINUTE function only concerns itself with the minutes and completely ignores the hour component of the time.
  •        The same goes for dates, the MINUTE function does not return dates in its results.
  •        If only a date was entered in a particular cell, the MINUTE function returns “0” as a result, for the simple reason that there was no time component in the entry.
  •        Also, always note that the time you’re entering in an Excel spreadsheet is supplied as an Excel serial number format.
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