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Display the current date and time

How to display current date in excel sheet

You can display the current day in excel worksheet by applying a simple and easy formula. The formula is also known as TODAY function. The today function generates the current date which is updated every time excel data is edited or opened.


The formula of TODAY function is:

= TODAY ()


Figure.1: Today function


The TODAY function does not imply any complicated formulas. It can be done by just applying the above-mentioned formula in a cell of excel sheet and it will start displaying the actual date. The date automatically changes when the data is edited or reopened by anyone. The function only implies the current date and the time is not calculated.

Moreover, you can simply change the format of the date as you wish.

Figure 2. Change the date format

As the result:

Figure 3. Changed date format


  • The function can also be modified to calculate the current date in such a manner that it does not change again when edited or reopened. For applying a fixed current date in the excel sheet, you will have to use CTRL key + ; key.
  • If you want to display both current date and time you can use the NOW function which will be mentioned in next articles.    


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