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Date is same month

How do you tell if dates share the same month a year in excel? You can test is Date is same month and year very easily by applying the MONTH and YEAR functions. The functions make a perfect formula for this kind of problem. Check out how the formula looks like:


Then generic syntax for this formula is:



Firstly, the working of the formula to check if the date is the same month and year is not as complicated as it appears. What happens is that the month number and year values are extracted from the date values in cell references like B2 and C2, and then put together in series to form a chain of text using concatenation operator Ampersand (&).

A similar thing is done of the other side of the equation where the month and year values are extracted from date values in cell references B2 and C2 are also joined together. Then, the formula is tested if both sides are equal using the equal(=) sign.


Assume that you have two sets of dates and can’t tell whether they share same month and year. With Excel, checking if the date is the same month and year is very easy. Therefore, we’re going to use the formula described above.

From the above example, the formula in the highlighted cell (D10) is:


If you look at dates of row 9, you will notice that they are in January of 2011. Therefore, the formula returns TRUE. The following step will present the solution:





Figure 1. Example 1 of MONTH/YEAR Function

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