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Count times in a specific range

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If you have Excel data of events that happened within a certain period, how would you count times in a specific range? COUNTIFS function is what you need to provide the solution to such problems.

Count times in a specific range


This is how the formula looks like:


Assume that you have some events that require tracking down by time. If you want to count times in a specific range or count events that took place with a specific time range (6:00 and 8:20), this is how COUNTIFS function is applied. The check out this example

Example 1



Figure 1. Count times in a specific range


From the screenshot, the formula highlighted for cell (F9) is:


As seen from this example, the function takes two ranges or criteria pairs. Working from the inside, the 1st criteria pair is:


The range matches any time that is greater than or equal to the value in cell F7, i.e., 6:00.

The 2nd criteria pair is:


which matches any value (time) that’s less than the value in the cell F8 (8:20).

That is how you count times in a specific range i.e., between 6:00 to 8:30  in this example.

You can as well write the formula in hard-coded format, and it would look like this:


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