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Calculate days remaining

How to Calculate days remaining?

In Excel, you can simply calculate days remaining by subtracting the starting from ending date.



Dates in Excel are just serial numbers. This allows you to subtract two dates very easily. And if you want to calculate days remaining, you could simply do that by subtracting the earlier date from a later date.

Let us go through an example to understand it better.

How to use the Formula to Calculate days remaining?

Figure 1. Example 1 of Calculate days remaining

In this example, you have a small table containing starting and ending dates. To calculate days remaining on this table:

  1. Select any column, where you want to display the days remaining. In this case, it is H6.
  2. In the function box, type G6-F6.
  3. This will simply calculate the days remaining between the starting and ending date.

An alternative way to calculate days remaining

Figure 2. Example 1 of DATEDIF() to calculate remaining days

You can also calculate days remaining by using DATEDIF() function. Let’s see how to do this:

  1. Select any column, where you want to display days remaining for any starting and ending dates. In this case, it is H6.
  2. In the function box, type DATEDIF() FUNCTION.
  3. Give the arguments i.e. the starting, ending date and “D” to tell the function to give out days. For H6, assign the  F6,G6.
  4. This will give calculate the days remaining.
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