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Assign points based on late time

There are times when we need to assign penalty points on late time. To do this, we can utilize a nested IF formula. This post provides a clear guide on how to use this function to assign points on late time in excel.

Figure 1: How to assign points on late time

General syntax of the formula



Time- is the “late by” time

How the formula works

This formula tests the threshold values in an ascending order. The formula first checks the “late by” column, which is column D2:D10 in the above example, before returning an answer for the late points.

In our case above, the formula for cell E2 is


  • If the condition is satisfied, that is if it is less than 0:05, then it will assign it zero points.
  • In the event that the logical test turns out to be FALSE, the formula checks D2 is less than the next threshold, which is 0:15, then it will assign it 1 points.
  • This pattern keeps repeating itself for each threshold.
  • We use the VALUE function in the formula to enable it treat the threshold as a number and not as text.

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