Add workdays to date custom weekends

Sometimes you need to add or subtract workdays to a date that skips weekends or let’s say (customized weekends) and holidays. The Excel WORKDAY.INTL function is used for this purpose.

Generic formula

=WORKDAY.INTL (start-date, days, weekend, holidays).

How does the formula work?

  1. We can add or subtract workdays to calculate a date either in past or future, that skips holidays and weekends where holiday and weekend generic parameters are optional.
  2. The WORKDAY.INTL function excludes the weekends i.e, Saturday and Sunday and also excludes holidays if falls in the date range being specified. This can be understood by an considering an example. The example is as specified in the below section.


  1. Let us now consider a date range as shown below in the figure. The date range has 4 weekends(code ‘11’ takes only a ‘Sunday’ as the weekend) and 4 holidays.

Figure 1. Table showing date range, weekends and holidays

  1. In the above example, we can see that a ‘11’ code is supplied for weekends that means “Sunday” is considered as the only weekend. We have also supplied 4 holidays that fall in the date range. The final results are highlighted in the below-given figure, where the WORKDAY.INTL returns only the workdays excluding the holidays and weekends.

Figure 2. The result obtained when the WORK.INTL function is used.


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