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Add workdays to date custom weekends

Today, it is much easier to calculate a given date either in the future or past by skipping weekends and holidays. This is done by utilizing the WORKDAY.INT function. In this function, we treat both the weekends and holidays as optional. To understand how you can utilize this function, read this step by step guide.

Figure 1: How to add workdays to dates in excel

General syntax of the formula

=WORKDAY.INTL (start_date, days, weekend, holidays)

Understanding the formula

With the Excel WORKDAY.INTL function, it is easy and straightforward to add or even subtract days to a date as you calculate the dates for the past or future, while skipping weekends and holidays.

How the formula works

  • In its default settings, the WORKDAY.INTL function is set to ignore weekends.
  • However, in our example above, we have supplied 11, which is a Sunday code, to be excluded in the formula.
  • At the same time, you should have noticed that we have added 3 holidays which all fall in our date range.

Example 2

Figure 2: Example of how to add workdays to date custom weekends


In the figure shown above, we have the date range with three holidays and 3 weekends. Note that only Sunday, coded as 11, is considered as a weekend. After applying the WORKDAY.INTL formula in the respective cells in the “Results” column, the final results will look as in the figure below:

Figure 3: Example of the custom dates after adding workdays

Here, we have been able to customize the dates to fit what we want. We have been able to exclude weekends and holidays in the dates.

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