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The function WORKDAY.INTL has 4 arguments

  • Date – the date from which you want to add
  • Days – number of days from the Date
  • Weekends (optional) – Your weekend or constant day-off of the week
  • Holidays (optional) – your holiday/ not constant day-off

The function moves by the number of days from the Date, skipping Weekends and Holidays if inserted. The Weekends are denoted either by index number or code. Excel has a suggestion for index numbers when you copy the syntax, but we recommend to use the code. If there is no weekend or usual day-off, you can write “0000000” in the Weekend field, 7 zeros for 7 days without weekends, starting Monday. If there is a day-off anywhere, just put 1 on the equivalent spot, for instance, “0100000” for day-off on Tuesday.

Example 1

In the picture, you want to find the work day that is 18 days from the start on Oct 18, 2018. The day-offs are Tuesdays and Wednesdays, the holidays are in table Holidays.

  1. Select a cell
  2. Copy the formula=WORKDAY.INTL(D6,E6,4,D10:D12)
  3. Enter

Figure 1. Add workdays with the index number

All other fields are straightforward to understand, and the Weekends field has index number 4 for day-offs on Tuesday and Wednesday. The function adds 18 days to the start date, excluding the weekends and the stated holidays.

Example 2

If you prefer using codes, here is an example for you. Finding the work day which is 6 days before the reference date, with the same holidays as the previous example.

  1. Select a cell
  2. Copy the syntax
  3. Enter

Figure 2. Add workdays by the coded combination

In the Days field, -6 is input; hence the function adds -6 days to the start date, meaning it takes away 6 days from the start date, and the result will be 6 days prior. On the other hand, the coded combination is inserted to the weekend’s field, “0111000” means 3 weekdays from Tue to Thu.


  • Format your result cell to date, or else the result will be a number
  • Use negative numbers in Days field if you want to find dates before the reference date
  • The Weekends field can be either an index or a coded combination
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