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How to add days to date in excel

Do you want to learn how to add days to a date? This post will give you an overview of how to use formula functions to be able to add days to a date. This way you can calculate the exact date you will land after spending days doing a certain task. How does excel make adding days to date a simple job?

Figure 1. Add days to date example datasheet




The way excel manages dates is by assigning them numbers and using certain formulas you can either add or subtract values to said numbers to make calculations with them. Excel automatically translates numbers into dates so you can read them as such, this way you can add days to date without much effort.


For example, the date 1-Jan-2000 can be read as 36526, if you add 4 to it, this number becomes 36530 which can be read as 5-Jan-2000.

Let’s use the data sheet shown before as another example. Dates were put normally on row B, the days that were to be added or subtracted were put on row C and the formulas to add days to date were put on row D. On the first date which reads as 10-Oct-2018 we added 5 days.

Figure 2. Add days to date sample number




And when the number 43388 is turned into a date, it becomes 15-Oct-2018.

Figure 3. Add days to date results

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