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Guide to Creating a Timesheet in Excel

As such, there is no specific formula of creating all the elements of timesheet at once. It’s a step by step process of putting few different formulas and keys in Excel. And FInal Result can be seen below:

Figure 1 – Final Result

Step 1

Figure 2 – Setting up data

This is an example of an individual that works in a company and gets paid on hourly basis.

  • Categorize the cells in the first row according to your requirements.
  • Click on column A, select “format cells”, click on “date” and choose the format of date.
  • Write date in A2 and drag it to A11. The date for the next 9 days will automatically appear.
  • Time in and Time Out is filled on daily basis by the individual.

Step 2

Figure 3 – Calculate “Total number of working hours”

In this step, we will find out the “Total Number of working Hours” by using a formula.

Formula: =(time out-time in)*24         


=(C2-B2)* 24 in this case

  • Calculate the total working hours by entering the formula =(C2-B2)*24 in cell D2.
  • Select cell D2 and copy the formula, then select column D and choose “formulas” from “pasting options”.
  • Excel will automatically calculate the working hours for the rest of the days.

Step 3

Figure 4 – Calculate “Gross Pay”

In step no.3, we are going to find out “Gross Pay” with the help of another simple formula.

Formula: =Hourly rate*Working hours      


=H6*D2 in this case

  • Write formula =H6*D2 in the cell E2 to calculate gross pay.
  • Lock the formula by clicking “F4” and press “Enter”.
  • Copy the formula from cell E2 and then click column E and select pasting formulas.

Step 4

Figure 5 – Final result

The final step of the worksheet is to calculate the payment of the worker for 10 days.

Formula: =SUM(Gross Pay Column)




  • Select cell H10.
  • Write =SUM(E:E) and press Enter.
  • Instead of writing E:E, you can also simply click on column E to get the same result.




  • We can continue with the same timesheet for the 11th working day or for the whole month.
  • Excel will automatically calculate the gross pay and total pay on entering data every day.
  • While entering formulas, if we counter with #VALUE! Or #####, we can click the text and “delete” and re-write the text of our choice.


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