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A Guide on the Excel DSUM Function

If we want to get the sum of given records that match a given specified criteria, we can use the excel DSUM function. In this article, we will provide a clear guide on how use the excel DSUM function.

Figure 1: How to use the DSUM function in excel

General syntax of the formula

=DSUM(database, field, criteria)


Database- refers to the data range including the headers

Field- refers to the field name or the index to count

Criteria– criteria to use in the range including the headers

Understanding the formula

  • We use this function to calculate the sum of values that are in a set of records that match our given criteria.
  • This formula sums the values that have been extracted from a certain field in the supplied database.
  • When working with this function you can use a variety of expressions, including wildcards.

Using the multi-row criteria

It is important to know that the DSUM function can include more than one row below the headers. In this case, each row needs to be joined by the OR logic. Also, the expressions in the given criteria will be joined by the AND logic.


Figure 2: Example of how the DSUM function is used to find sum for different dates

In this example, we want to find the sum of blanket sales in two different dates. To do this, we proceed as follows;

Step 1: Tabulate the table with the data

Step 2: Indicate where you want to have your answer, in our case, we want the answer in cell G6.

Step 3: in cell G6, input the formula =DSUM(B9:D16,"Sales",C4:E5)

Step 4: press enter to get the sum of the price of blanket in two different dates.

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