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Learn What Data Validation Must Begin with in Excel

Data validation is a powerful feature in Excel. We can use it to control how a string begins with. Using the EXACT and LEFT function with data validation, we can control how a value begins with. In this tutorial, we will learn how to validate the start of a value in Excel.

Figure 1. Example of how Data Validation Must Begin with in Excel

Generic Formula


How the Formula Works

We can control how a cell value begins with data validation. The formula uses the EXACT and LEFT functions. The LEFT function extract the first k characters from the value.

Then, the EXACT function compares this text to the text provided into the formula. EXACT uses a case-sensitive approach in the comparison. EXACT returns TRUE when the two text strings match. If the match fails, Otherwise the validation fails and EXACT returns FALSE.

Setting up Data

The following contains an student information database. We will fill these up. Column A, B and C will have the name, id and classes.

To restrict the ids to begin with “Bk”, we need to:

  • Go to cell B2. Select cells B2 to B6 by clicking on B2 and dragging it till B6 with our mouse.
  • Go to Data> Data Validation. We need to click the settings tab.

Figure 2. Setting the Data Validation Rule

  • Next, we have to click on the drop down on the Allow box.
  • Here, we select Custom and in the formula box write the formula =EXACT(LEFT(B2,2),”Bk”).

Figure 3. Applying the Formula to Data Validation

  • Finally, we need to click OK.

This will only allow texts that start with “Bk” in column B. .

Figure 4. Error Message with Data Validation

Excel will show an error if we start the ids with anything other than “BK”.

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