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Data validation allow weekday only

We can use the Excel WEEKDAY function to ensure that data validation allows weekday only. The steps below will walk through the process of using Data Validation to allow weekday only.

Figure 1 – Example of Data Validation to allow weekday only

General Formula




Setting up the Data

  • We will set up our data in Columns B and C
  • Column B will contain our Groceries
  • Column C will contain our dates of purchase

Figure 2 – Setting up the Data

Applying the WEEKDAY customized function

  • We will highlight Cells C5 to C7
  • We will click on Data Validation in the Data tab within the ribbon at the top of the worksheet

Figure 3 – Clicking on Data tab

  • We will check the ignore blank box, select custom, and enter the formula below in the formula box
  • We will press OK
  • This will allow weekdays only

Figure 4 – Applying the WEEKDAY customized function

An Alternative Formula for Data validation

We can also create a return value argument that would allow the dates from 1 (Sunday) to 7 (Saturday).

  • We will again highlight on Cells C5 to C7 and select Data Validation
  • We will select custom, and enter this formula below in the formula dialog box
  • We will press OK. This would return TRUE for all values if they fall within Saturday to Sunday.

Figure 5 – Alternative formula for Data Validation


We use the Data validation rules to restrict our cells so any user can only add values within the specific restriction. For our formula, the return value, 2 is a Monday-based number. This would be compared by Excel against 6. Therefore, any values less than 6 will return true. If the value is more than 6, the date is Sunday or Saturday, then validation fails.


  • If we wish to allow only dates that occur in the weekend such as Sunday or Saturday, then we can use this formula:
  • The Cell reference in the data validation formulas are always relative to the upper left cell, hence the reason our formula contains, C5.

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