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Summary count with COUNTIF

What is COUNTIF function?

COUNTIF function is a statistical function that is used for the counting cells within a specific range on Excel sheet. The function makes it easier to perform summary calculations that produce total counts for various items on the worksheet.

Generic Formula


Example Problem and Solution

Summary count with COUNTIF function is very simple in application. Let’s say that you are managing the production of sneakers and you have some orders. The main spec is color, and you want to keep a record of a number of colors. Let’s you 3 different colors: Black, Blue, and Red this is how you get the breakdown:

Figure 1. Example of the Summary count with COUNTIF

From the screenshot, you can see that we have used COUNTIF to provide a breakdown by color whereas the formula in the G6 is:

=COUNTIF(Colors, F5)

In this case, ‘Colors” is the named range of cells D4:D10. Therefore the actual summary count with the COUNTIF function formula is:


How COUNTIF Function Formula Works

The COUNTIF Function has two main arguments: A range of the cells to be counted and the criteria to be used. In the above example, we are counting by color. That’s why we have set a small table where we list all colors in Column F. With this table, we can use color names in that column as labels and criteria which goes into COUNTIF as the second argument. That’s simply how you can summary count with COUNTIF function.

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