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How to do Summary Count with COUNTIF Function

We can use the COUNTIF function to count cells within a range that meet a criteria. The steps below will walk through the process.

Figure 1: How to do Summary Count with COUNTIF Function



  • RANGE is the “named range” of items we want a summary count for
  • CRITERIA is the cell reference to the specified item



Setting up the Data

  • We will set up the data by inputting the Number of orders into Column A
  • We will input the category into Column B
  • Column C contains the customer name
  • Column F is where we want the formula to return the COUNT for each customer
  • Note- We will Highlight Cell C4 to Cell C10. We will click on C3 where there is an arrow in figure 2. We will name the range as “Customer

Figure 2: Setting up the Data

Summary Count with COUNTIF Function

  • We will click on Cell F4
  • We will insert the formula below into the cell
  • We will press the enter key

Figure 3: Summary Count for Alex

  • We will click on Cell F4 again
  • We will double-click on the fill handle (the small plus sign at the bottom right of Cell F4) and drag down to copy the formula into the other cells

Figure 4: Summary Count for the three Customers



In this formula, the value in Cell E4 is searched for in the named range. COUNTIF returns the sum of the number of times the value appears in the named range.

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